Build a Strong Jewish Future for the Next Generation

Throughout the history of the Jewish people, the religious mandate to repair the world has been a unique characteristic of our culture. Our children are taught to embrace the concept of tzedakah through the examples of their parents and grandparents, volunteering, giving and caring for those unable to care for themselves.

Thanks in part to the legacy of those who came before us, our community has been able to have the human and financial resources to care for those in need, meet unexpected challenges and plan for the future. But ensuring that we will be able to do so in the future requires continued vision, commitment and a willingness to be part of a community. The choices we make today will have an enormous impact on the ability of our Jewish community to thrive for generations to come. This is the time to ensure our collective Jewish future by building a strong, secure and permanent community endowment.

Doing so will allow more young people to experience Israel, Jewish summer camps, and Jewish day schools – all of which are proven to significantly increase the likelihood of a lifelong Jewish commitment. Our synagogues will continue to be inspiring spiritual homes, preserving our Jewish heritage and educating future generations. Dignified and compassionate care for our seniors, as well as those in our community, with limited means will be assured. A legacy gift will make eternal your commitment to the people and the State of Israel.

Chances are, you already support Jewish charitable organizations. Have you considered including those organizations in your estate plan, so you can continue making a difference for generations to come? You can express your values, honor your heritage and do something lasting and significant for the community. Through Create a Jewish Legacy, you can establish a legacy to enhance our Jewish future and perpetuate the values you cherish.

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Create a Jewish Legacy
(CJL) is a program sponsored and presented by The Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven and is a collaborative effort of our area agencies and synagogues.

Create a Jewish Legacy is partnering with the institutions listed below. In addition, we are happy to accept gifts on behalf of your most cherished Jewish organizations.

Neither the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven nor its Create a Jewish Legacy partner agencies are engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory services. Individuals considering gifts to the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven or its Create a Jewish Legacy partner agencies should obtain the services of a financial advisor, such as an attorney, certified public accountant and/or chartered life underwriter.